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These days there are more concern with viruses than in the past. At SJJ Cleaning Services, we take a modern approach to deep cleaning.  Traditional methods of cleaning may not be as effective as the newer approach using the new electrostatic sprayer cleaning.  Studies have found that this type of deep cleaning can kill 99.99% of all viruses (including Coronavirus / Covid-19), bacteria, molds and fungi.  When the electrostatic sprayer is used with the right chemicals, it will neutralize a wide range of chemical agents, biological agents and toxic industrial chemicals.  This type of technology is used by hazmat teams, CBRNE units, clandestine labs, EMS, first receivers and outbreak responders. As fully-charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread. Particles hold their cationic charge for approx. 2-3 seconds – preventing drips. This will allow the solution used to cover hidden and shadowed areas.  It also enables you to cover a larger areas much more quickly. By spraying solutions that are charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap conductive surfaces.  It can also include green cleaning solutions and/or medical grade solutions. It effectively cleans many different types of surfaces such as leather, carpet and upholstery.  Electrostatic sprayer cleaning gives an eco-friendly approach to disinfection. We use hospital-grade disinfectant and other environmentally-friendly options.

You can have peace-of-mind knowing that your facility is safe and sanitized for your customers when you choose SJJ Cleaning Services. We offer covid-19 commercial cleaning services as well as routine cleaning, deep cleaning and more.  For a free estimate, contact us today at 845-421-2114 or click here to go ahead and book a free walk through.

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